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Kendra McCrae’s career has been devoted to public service.  She has served the citizens of Philadelphia with distinction for over 20 years.  For 14 years Kendra served as an Assistant District Attorney for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.  As a prosecutor, Kendra has represented individual citizens as well as entire communities in violent crime and drug trafficking cases. Kendra has a wealth of trial experience having prosecuted hundreds of bench trials and more than 100 jury trials as a representative for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Jurors would often remark that Kendra’s trial style was personable yet compelling.  Many would often say how pleasurable their jury experience was despite the dreadful prospect of jury service.



Kendra operates her own law firm which specializes primarily in criminal defense work.  She represents clients from various racial and ethnic backgrounds with passion, diligence and integrity.  Kendra has compassion for their dire situation and advocates vigorously for the accused while keeping her client’s family and friends in the loop until the day of trial.


Kendra is an industrious individual who has been serving the citizens of Philadelphia since undertaking her first job at 14 years of age when she worked in a children’s book store.  This job was followed by two and one-half years as a student worker, waitress, receptionist and sales associate at the old John Wanamaker Department Store. Kendra worked her way through college at Temple University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in pre-law.  Following graduation from college, Kendra worked as a Paralegal for two Center City Philadelphia law firms that specialized in defense and plaintiff’s personal injury law.  This gave her the opportunity to put into practice what she had learned while studying pre-law in college.



Ms. McCrae attended Saint Louis University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri.  While in law school, she continued to be in service as a volunteer for the U.S. Attorney’s Office White Collar Crime Division and the Family Court’s Women Against Abuse unit. After obtaining her Juris Doctorate in 1995, Ms. McCrae worked as an associate attorney where she specialized in plaintiff’s personal injury law, employment discrimination law and contract enforcement



Over the years, Kendra has demonstrated an unwavering command of established legal principles, evidentiary and procedural rules.  Moreover, Ms. McCrae’s keen intellect enables her to interpret and apply these rules of law to specific factual situations.  Consequently, she has earned the respect of her peers in the Bar Association (lawyers) as well as from members of the bench (judges) both current and former.  Kendra is the epitome of experience, firmness and fairness.


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